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1935 Ford Pickup - oldfordguy

1935 Ford Pickup Great Dash And Banjo Wheel
Owner:   oldfordguy
Year: 1935
Make: Ford
Model: Pickup
Est.Horsepower: 0
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About my Pickup

My finished ride is a 1935 ford pickup, with Chevy 283 ci motor, TH 350 transmission,Lokar shifter and emergency brake, Mustang II IFS with manual rack and pinion steering, power brakes, Oldsmobile differential, Brass Works radiator, all new EZ Wire kit, TPI gauges, 1940 Ford dash, 1939 Ford deluxe steering column and banjo steering wheel, all new glass and windshield frame, Mighty Wiper electric wiper, replaced original seat with 1989 Nissan Pathfinder rear seat, battery under passenger seat with storage compartment under the seat, new faux leather upholstery with storage pockets behind seat and on kick panels, paint is Martin Senour Deep Black base/clearcoat, Solids Wheels with 1948 hubcaps and beauty rings, all steel except for Wescott rear fenders, 1936 Ford passenger car front and rear bumpers and bumper guards, halogen headlights and turn signals and halogen tail lights, removed tail gate chains and a bracket formed to accept a pin to keep tail gate closed, fuel filler pipe bent to 90 degree angle for cleaner look. Drives great, but I have a 1941 Ford pickup that I want to take from it's stock condition and up grade the running gear to create a nice street rod, so the 1935 is now for sale. I am asking $34K but will consider offers at 360-344-4299. I always say "I'll keep this one", but I never do as the fun for me is in the building process and driving out the kinks before looking for a new project. The photo of both trucks was taken at Mystery Bay on Marrowstone Island in Washington State.

oldfordguy | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 06/26/08
Posted: 06/27/08 10:01 AM

In forwarding pictures of my truck above I inadvertently missed the picture of the motor. Can one be added? Also, with my '35 pickup for sale, can I advertise price and contact information with this entry?
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