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1950 Chevrolet C10 - Arpee


1950 Chevrolet C10 1
Owner:   Arpee
Year: 1950
Make: Chevrolet
Model: C10
Est.Horsepower: 468
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About my C10

Built to go drag racing.
292 cu in inline 6 cylinder
Built by Mike Kirby at Sissell's Automotive in Covina,CA
Aluminum 12 port cylinder head
Hilborn mechanical fuel injection
12 to 1 comp ratio
Crower cam
Dyno'd at 468 hp at the flywheel on race gas
Original frame, boxed and reinforced
Ladder bar/coil over shocks rear suspension
Heidts front end kit
9" rear end with Moser aluminum carrier and 4.86 gears
Jerico 4 speed trans

Udpate June, 2009
We had the truck out for its first passes down the 1/4 mile at the Gasser Reunion race in Thompson, OH
It ran hard and straight.  I'm still learning how to drive it consistently.
It ran a best of 11.72 at 113 mph.  Not bad for an old truck with an inline 6 cylinder.

Update Nov 2010
We blew the engine up last summer (wrong cam) and rebuilt it over the winter.  This time we used a billet roller cam - everything else the same.  The engine makes a little bit less peak HP but more torque.  The truck seems to like it.  We only got to a 1/4 mile track once this summer but it ran 11.60 @ 114.9 mph.  We took about two and a half tenths off our 1/8 mile times as well.
We did get a cool pic of the truck leaving the line and you can see air under the front tires! Grin
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