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1957 Chevrolet Apache - Hot_Rod_Jim

"Project PT-57"

1957 Chevrolet Apache 1
Owner:   Hot_Rod_Jim
Year: 1957
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Apache
Est.Horsepower: 620
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About my Apache

The truck, PT-57, came to us like most projects, old and in need of some TLC and We wanted to make the Porsche Club at the local road course cry.

The Goals:
   * Handling
   * Power
   * Lowered stance
   * Gas mileage
   * Reliable
   * Look cool
   * Pick on New Corvette at the Road Course

         And so the list was made and we started the same way we always do: scrap the frame and everything under the car since it wouldn't begin to handle the task at hand.  1957 technology was fine back in ‘57 but today’s roads require a different type of car, to keep up with traffic, or even hold a candle to our intended pray.

         The design started one day when Billy said “The front looks like a mouth.” “Like a P-40 Warhawk almost” Jim added looking at the Flying Tigers jacket I was wearing, given to me by my grandfather. Ben Hermance of Hermance Design helped us out with a rendering based on all our ideas and the results are the images you see here. Wider rear fenders for added wheel and tire size without cutting into the bead. The hood exhaust ports are heat vent for the engine compartment. Rifled head cover for the side pipes. The car will be detailed with old Army type print, warnings and logos all over the truck and plate lines and rivets to look the old war birds and go with the nose. For the name PT-57 was selected for the Pro-Touring movement and the number if for the year of the tuck.

         Our power plant and gear box came from a ¾ ton Chevy box truck with the GM LQ4/Vortex 6000 6.0 engine and T56 transmission. These two will provide a solid combination of power and reliability for hte work truck. STS Twin Turbos, 2007 Z06 Corvette Suspension, PFADT Custom shocks and sway bars, 4.10 Gears and Transmitting that grip and HP to the ground will be a set of Z06 Corvette wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport tires.

For more see our web site and Look out for Video Soon

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Posted: 11/20/12 04:19 PM

arroba2 | New User
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Posted: 10/19/10 12:09 AM

Your tuck are now in my top ten. Laugh
Hot_Rod_Jim | New User
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Posted: 09/12/09 09:27 AM

Maybe, I'll see if we can work something in.
ema2 | New User
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Posted: 08/19/09 03:05 AM

Really cool. It's not as if he really thought out of the box but hey it's really good and really masculine looking. I think you should also put a classic chevy emblem on it.
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