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1968 Ford F-100 - Jades_Addiction


1968 Ford F 100 1968 F 100 Jades Addiction
Owner:   Jades_Addiction
Year: 1968
Make: Ford
Model: F-100
Est.Horsepower: 400
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About my F-100

1968 Ford F-100 long bed... lots of $$, blood, sweat, and tears to get to where it is today!
Used to be a old farm truck down Macungie Pa.In fall of 2004 not knowing where she was headed I saw this ol tomato farm truck for sale at a radiator shop in Emmaus Pa.,full of a assortment colors of brown red gray primers...LOL Oh yeah and rust just about everywhere....the rest is history.300 six banger 3 speed on the tree with 33,000 orig. miles she made it back to my house for some repairs just to rag around in it for a while.Next was to get it painted and restored in Gilbertsville Pa.,           3 years later a new motor from a Lincoln MarkVII 1986 302 5.0 HO with plenty of work done to the motor with a mix of parts from a 1971 mustang fans,shorti mustang headers,Hays clutch and flywheel,  to a 1965 mustang carb linkage,all brand new Holley electric fuel pump,holley regulator,braided fuel lines, bored out 60 over ,Trick Flow Cam, roller rockers,roller lifters,    750cfm edelbrock with 205 Edelbrock Heads, HEI distributor, top loader tranny. lowered rear suspension, Just put on a power disc brake conversion kit 11 3/4 inch rotors from MPBrakes man how nice!!brings a whole new meaning stopping on a dime!(6/8/2011) thx for checking Jades_Addiction out!!

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