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1972 Ford F-100 Pickup - lilmike1

"Lil '72"

1972 Ford F 100 Pickup 72 F100
Owner:   lilmike1
Year: 1972
Make: Ford
Model: F-100 Pickup
Est.Horsepower: 300
Page Views: 1986
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About my F-100 Pickup

I have always had a passion for the 67-72 SWB Ford F100's. I had been looking for about 3 years to find the perfect SWB Ford, and finally found one locally, here in Dallas.

I purchased this truck from the second owner in Jan 2013. The previous owner had already installed a set of DJM drop beams, relocated the gas tank to under the bed, and added an Old Air Products HVAC system. He also had installed a 67 front grille.It had an MSD ignition, headers, and aluminum radiator as well. Since then, I have completely been through the entire truck, fixing and replacing everything else that needed attention, to make it "show quality".

My list of upgrades include:
*Flowmaster exhaust and new headers
*Completely new brakes
*Timing cover seal, double roller chain and HD waterpump
*Retrosound stereo
*Wheel Vintiques Rallye's with BFG rubber
*LED bulbs and brake light kit
*Various rubber OEM seals and trim pieces
*New base/clear Cayman Green paint
*Bedliner and POR15 undercoat on chassis

oldfieldbarbara | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 12/18/13
Posted: 12/18/13 05:33 PM

Is this the original color of this truck? I know you listed it as Cayman Green, but, it looks blue to me. I had a 1972 as well, bought it in Dallas as well, across the street from Town East Mall. Town East Ford. I too did a lot of things to my "ol Blue" as I called her. The only thing I didn't do was keep her, I could kick myself in the rear everytime I see another like her. I am trying to find out exactly what color blue she was, I call it a Cornflower blue. I cannot seem to find a chart anywhere that will tell me the colors. Do you have any idea?
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