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1951 Chevrolet Suburban - sssingo

1951 Chevrolet Suburban Burb Laid Out
Owner:   sssingo
Year: 1951
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Suburban
Est.Horsepower: 0
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About my Suburban

Following a long and full resto of my 52 (urr humm, Ford) Pickup I longed for something more practical for the terrible UK weather that could carry people and work as a van.

Storking Ebay for several months led me to a BUTCHERED '51 in Utah , previously owned by some California hippies with a campervan style roof cut into its roof skin. Most people would and should run a mile but because they did, they probably didn't notice that actually apart from the obvious this was a solid old girl. The previous owners seemed to brush paint it whenever the paint baked through leaving it with so many layers of paint it actually saved it.

Having to sell both my TRUCK, now finished and my 63 OLDS lowrider in order to fund this project I wanted the burb to provide all the fun of both. Original, stock looks but with adjustable ride height.

In order to get most of the big stuff fixed to it before I imported it back to the UK, I enlisted the help of Starlite Rod and Kustom over in Torrance, CA.

The jobs list was Mustang II front end, four bar rear, Air-ride all round and a 350sbc with 700R overdrive. This has obviously escallated to all the hidden extras like:

Moving cross member to make space for saddle fuel tanks that clear the four-bar rear.
Accu-Air e-level upgrade mounted under the floor.

...the list goes on
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